Travel to sile a city and district in Istanbul – Turkey


Sile is a Black Sea resort town on Istanbul’s outskirts. It’s a lovely city with a documented history dating back to 700 BC. We stopped here for the night before moving on to Istanbul.

Our journey to Sile would be the longest yet. Driving from Assos to Sile would take us roughly 8 hours. The journey began with a stumbling block since I had negative thoughts regarding the motel where we slept in Assos. But I quickly got over that and was able to relax and enjoy the lengthy journey.

In Turkey, there are many mosques, but they all appeared fresh to me. Mosques were still a foreign sight to me because I grew up in a Christian country and had largely traveled in Christian ones.

We stopped for lunch at a rest station with a large cafeteria seating area and a counter where you could order your food. We had the worst doner kebabs of the trip here, but the finest Aryan food.

This PO/gaz gas firm is the most popular gas station brand in Turkey. For being in a Muslim country, the brand’s logo struck me as weird. I had assumed that both dogs and bacon were prohibited in Islam, but the logo depicts a dog devouring bacon.

We observed this when we got closer to Sile and turned down a small road. In this one region, there were roughly 40 dogs. My guess is that the dogs are caught by dog catchers in Istanbul, who then bring them out here and release them outside of the city. Although it appears to be more merciful than euthanasia, God help anyone whose car breaks down in this location. It didn’t appear to be a safe location to walk.

We eventually got in Sile and were able to find a good hotel at a reasonable price. We parked the car and dropped off our belongings before going for a walk and taking pictures.

Our hotel was perched perilously on a cliff with a view of the Black Sea.

Sile was a beautiful city. They had a lovely architectural style that was a good blend of Asia and Europe, much like Istanbul itself. The city was also calmer and slower-paced than Istanbul itself.

The lovely villas perched atop towering cliffs overlooking a threatening sea provided for a lovely sight and excellent photography.

A building was also being built with colored marks beneath the concrete slabs. Something about it drew my attention.

We went down to Sile’s city center after roaming around for a time. We came to a street lined with doner kebab restaurants and chose one that seemed promising. Dinner was delicious, and we had a little conversation with the restaurant owner.

We strolled back to the hotel after dinner and visited the parks along the cliffs.

Hundreds of these enormous beetles were wandering down the walkways. We had a lot of roly-polies where @doctorcrypto and I grew up, but these were like roly-polies multiplied by 100. They didn’t appear to be doing much but going from one location to the next. Because it was dark and we didn’t want to trip on them, they made walking a little more sensitive for us.

We eventually made our way back to our room and fell asleep. We took our final and shortest drive in Turkey the next day. We returned from Asia to Europe through the bridge and spent some time in Istanbul, where we would catch flights to various places.

Keep an eye out for a post about our stay in Istanbul tomorrow!

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