Travel to the colourful city- Boumalne Dades in Morocco


My mother and I met up with our guide and traveled to the next location after our camel trip over the dunes back to civilisation. This post is titled Boumaine Dades because that is the closest town to where we stayed, but we did not stay there. This is the location of the hotel where we stayed. It was part of a complex along the river and roadway, but it was quite a distance from Boumaine Dades.

We spent the most of the day travelling through the Atlas Mountains on our trip to Marrakesh. It was a lovely journey with a lot of intriguing and unusual views along the way.

We came to a large gate in the road shortly after going on the road. Although it is a large gate, it does not appear to be broad enough to admit large trucks.

We came to a halt at a little lookout point with a spectacular view of the green valley and blocky town. It almost appears to be a Minecraft creation.

A vendor was selling colorful cloth, which is often used as a head covering in the area. I bought one from him since he was an excellent salesman. It’s hung in my apartment, covering one of my lamps to soften the light.

We stopped for lunch along the way at a wonderful roadside restaurant. We had tagine once more, which I had become tired of. It was, nevertheless, enjoyable.

We had some company for the supper as well.

We came to a halt later at this large ravine. There was a tiny river running through it, and at the end of the path were various restaurants and tourist businesses.

The sheer height and steepness of the cliffs was quite amazing.

There was also a tiny donkey parking lot in this location.

The journey was pleasant and peaceful. What I found fascinating was that our guide would be traveling down a long stretch of lonely roadway when he suddenly began waving and flashing his lights at an approaching vehicle. After that, he said it was his cousin. We were once in the middle of nowhere when a car came from the opposite direction. We all came to a halt, and our guide exited to pick up something from a relative. I’m not sure how he was able to recognize the other drivers. Maybe I’m simply not paying attention enough when driving, but I never notice the drivers of the cars traveling the other way.

We spotted a lot of places with this blocky design. I’m not sure if this one has been abandoned or is still in use. Some of the structures are definitely abandoned, but others may still be in use.

I’m not sure if the structure on the hill is a military installation, a prison, a factory, or a large mansion. Whatever it is, it appears to be fantastic. I wish I had been able to see it up close.

We were quite a distance from t. It’s easy to notice how enormous it is in comparison to the rest of town.

This is a really nice-looking town.

We came to a halt to examine this rock formation. They’re known as the monkey fingers.

This amazing small section of road is close to our accommodation.

We soon found a motel and spent a pleasant evening there.

The accommodation was lovely. It was built on a steep hill with numerous small gardens and patios on various elevations.

Our room was charming and inviting.

When we stayed here, I don’t recall what we did for supper. We eventually fell asleep. We’d drive the rest of the way to Marrakesh the next morning.

My next post will be my final one from Morocco. I only have one shot from Casablanca, despite the fact that we stayed in both Marrakesh and Casablanca. We didn’t find anything really intriguing there. It’s just a massive, filthy, contemporary metropolis.

So stay tuned for my final post about Morocco, which will be published tomorrow. I returned to Germany after Morocco, moved out of my apartment, and became formally homeless. Then it was off to Asia, where I spent an extraordinary 9 months.

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