Travel to the Dubrovnik in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea


On the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a lovely walled city. It’s no surprise that it’s the most popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea. Walking through the city’s winding streets is like walking through a fairy tale. Scenes from the Game of Thrones TV show’s Kings Landing were shot in Dubrovnik.

My father and I drove to Dubrovnik. We’d driven from Split for three hours to meet up with our adventure trip group. We went out on foot after returning our rental car to locate some dinner and kill time while waiting for our tour guide to pick us up.

Dubrovnik resembles much of the picturesque Mediterranean shoreline outside of the city walls, but with more defenses.

Within the walls of Dubrovnik is a densely packed medieval fortified city with ornately built buildings.

Within the walls of Dubrovnik is a densely packed medieval fortified city with ornately built buildings.

We headed to my favorite part of town after lunch. The city’s harbor was the site that set my imagination wandering and wondering as a fan of boats and water.

I was curious as to whether people had been swimming here for millennia.

The benches beside the wall were a great place to get out of the sun while watching the people and boats go by.

Time my father went off to explore the city for a while, I grabbed a bench and guarded our bags.

It was time to meet up with our tour leader after a few hours. He picked us up and drove us to Zaton, where we planned to stay for two nights.

My father and I shared a meal with members of our tour group. At night, it appeared like the city was more populated. We went for a walk after supper, then were picked up and taken back to Zaton to sleep.

We were going to a new area and doing a different activity the next day.

Dubrovnik is a fantastic city to visit, but I wouldn’t want to stay more than a day there. It’s lovely, but not particularly large. There’s not much to do after you’ve explored it and taken your shots.

It’s also mostly focused toward tourism, with all of the businesses being tourist-oriented and all of the eateries being tourist-oriented. The city appeared to be putting on a show rather than being a true functioning city. Furthermore, it quickly becomes congested. One of the advantages of joining a tour group was the opportunity to stay in a charming tiny village like Zaton, which was more my style.

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