Travel to the nice National Park Kivach Russia- Karelia


The Kivach waterfall is Europe’s second greatest plain waterfall (after the Rhine River). It stands 11 meters tall and falls from multiple ledges.

There is a tradition in the Karelian epos about the waterfall’s origin: two tributaries of the Onega Lake, the Suna and Shuya rivers, which begin in the north of Suojarvi and run into the Onega Lake – their own sisters. They didn’t want to leave and stayed with them for a long time. Suna provided her sister with a more pleasant and tranquil channel, and when she became exhausted, she paused to relax and fell asleep. Shuya went ahead without waiting for her. Suna tried to catch up with Shuyu after waking up, not knowing the way and knocking over everything in its path.

She punctured the rocks in various places, resulting in the Girvas, Port-Threshold, and Kivach waterfalls.

Finally, Suna was tired, lost hope of catching up with her sister and after Kivach calmly flowed to Onega Lake.

Emperor Alexander II was the most renowned visitor to the waterfall. In 1868, he paid a visit here. On the occasion of his arrival, a nice road was made, a bridge across the Suna River was built, and a tiny home for rest was built.

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