Travel to the Recoleta Cemetery in Argentina


In Argentina, the Recoleta Cemetery is the place to be! That is, unless you are no longer among the living. This is where Argentina’s affluent and famous congregate. Here is where everyone who is, or should I say “was,” is laid to rest. From a number of x-presidents to four-star generals, the list is long. In this pristine cemetery, entertainers, business tycoons, famous poets, sports figures, and more can all be found six feet beneath the ground.

The country’s biggest star is Evita, whom Modonna portrayed in the movies. She served as Argentina’s first lady from 1946 until 1952, when she died tragically at the age of 33 of cervical cancer. She was a global celebrity who was adored all over the world. Her kind heart and dedication to charity work made her a household name.

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