Travel to the Tad Lo a small nice town in southern Laos


Tad Lo is a small town in southern Laos that is part of a larger loop. It’s a lovely tiny settlement on the Bolaven Plateu that stands near to a series of waterfalls. The Bolaven Plateu Loop isn’t as well-known as the Thakhek Loop, but I wanted to keep riding while my Laotian visa was still valid.

I rode a bus from Thakhek to Pakse after completed the Thakhek Loop. I didn’t take any shots in Pakse and wasn’t very thrilled with the city. It was fine, but evidently not worth photographing.

I rented a motorcycle and prepared to depart the city. I needed money and decided to use an ATM before leaving town. Unfortunately, there was a power outage. The electricity was out in every part of the city. As far as I’m aware, the entire country was without power. I believed the electricity will be restored in a few hours because the locals didn’t seem too concerned.

I hit the road and eventually found a bank with backup generators, where I was able to exchange part of my dollars for Kip. Having some cash in my pocket took a load off my shoulders. The power didn’t come back on until far after nightfall, if my memory serves me well.

My tire went flat not long after I got on the road. It has occurred far too many times that I have gotten a flat tire just in front of a tire shop. I’m convinced that tire companies strew nails or glass across the roads near their establishments.

Maybe I didn’t take any photos until I was checked into a room, so I stayed pissed. It was difficult to remain enraged at the location I discovered. It was decorated with farm animals and wagon wheels, giving it a Wild West atmosphere.

My rented room overlooked a large river. I went out for a short walk after locking up my bike and dumping off my backpack.

As much as I enjoyed my hotel, these rooms on the waterfall made me wish I had spent more time exploring before deciding on a room.

These waterfall cabins appeared to be fantastic. However, I’m not sure if the water would get too loud with time. Not that it would have made a difference; a night in a noisy cabin would have been worth it just for the images.

Tad Lo has a nice, park-like atmosphere. It appeared to be a resort town of some sort.

I wandered around for an hour or so. Then I went in search of nourishment.

I know I snapped a photo of this because it was all included in a ridiculously low price, but I can’t recall what it was. The soup, chicken lap, sticky rice, and beer were probably around $2-$3. It was fantastic!

I went back to my room, drank a couple beers, and read for a while. I don’t recall much else about this establishment except that it was a pleasant experience.

It was a little rough around the edges, but it was lovely. I got back on my scooter the next day and proceeded on the loop. My first day on the Bolaven Plateu Loop didn’t start out well, but as I progressed down the road, things improved. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about it!

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