Travel to the very beautiful place-Belozersk in Russia


Do you know how satisfying it is to put a checkmark in a notepad next to the location you just visited? Every procedure, every action on the route to this checkmark is pleasurable, but placing a checkmark is the ultimate joy!

This checkmark is the final point of the whole path.

But this is all a vicious circle. One check mark generates one or several new tasks.

After putting a checkmark in front of summer Belozersk, a new job appeared: visit winter Belozersk.

With my job, I’m sure it can be done.

In general, it’s fun to collect places. I’ve classified them into numerous groups. Totma, Belozersk, and Ustyuzhna are examples of ancient cities. There are also abandoned villages, residential villages, and city districts (courtyards of high-rise buildings, dilapidated housing).

I dreamed of Belozersk before the trip, and after walking along it, it still has echoes in the form of photo processing, and then writing and publishing posts.

They say that for a good memory and overall brain function, you need to be in a new place at least once a week, which you have never been to.

I have, perhaps, an overabundance of new places and thus an oversaturation of the brain. From there, and all sorts of incomprehensible thoughts about dimensions.

But I also have a peculiarity: I can walk through the old place and feel it as new. Can you imagine the potential?

Probably no one writes about travel to places like me.

Everyone would begin to discuss the architecture, go into some data sources, historical summaries…but all of this is already available, and if you are interested, you can visit an official site.

Here is my world.

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