Travel to the very fantastic place Koh Rong in Cambodia


Out of the two islands with the same name, Koh Rong is the more popular. Although Koh Rong Sanloem is lovely, it is more rustic than Koh Rong. There is more infrastructure, including as power, on Koh Rong, and it is more popular with tourists. I didn’t stay long because the island had a Spring Break vibe that was a little too much for me.

Because I just have three photos and one tale from this island, this will be a brief post.

By ferry, I arrived in Koh Rong. Only one direction is served by the ferry. It travels from the mainland to Koh Rong Sanloem, then back to the mainland. So, if you’re planning a trip, Sanloem should come first, followed by Koh Rong.

I rented a place after arriving on the island, and it shared a wall with a nightclub that played the same horrible pop music all day and night. One of the songs was “Now you’re just somebody I used to know,” which had the hook “Now you’re just somebody I used to know.” It’s not an awful song, but I’m not a fan after hearing it 30 times in the middle of the night.

On a related subject, I am a major admirer of the television show Survivor. Survivor was filming Survivor: Cambodia in the area while I was there. I didn’t see any of the cast or crew, nor did I see the filming location. It was still wonderful to know that I could brag about being there when the show was filmed when it aired.

I saw a sign that said “Plankton tour! $8” while on the island. It sounded fantastic! I was enamored with the way the plankton lighted up on the last island, and I wished I had a mask to view them beneath water. When I inquired about it, they told me that the boat would transport me to a dark region and that a mask and snorkel would be provided. I paid a deposit to secure my position! I knew a deal like this would sell out quickly!

I followed the man’s advice and returned after dark. He took me out to the ocean as soon as I arrived and summoned one of the nearby fishermen. We boarded his fishing boat and motored out into the middle of the sea.

It was pitch black outside, and the boat’s only source of illumination was a little flashlight held in the driver’s lips. It was just myself and the fisherman on the boat. He came to a halt, waved his hand in the water to generate some sparkles, then motioned for me to enter by pointing to the water and making gestures.

We were deep in the water, in the midst of nowhere. There was no sign of land. I wasn’t happy about it, but I decided I’d already spent $8 and might as well get my money’s worth. When I got into the water, I saw that the plankton was lacking in comparison to the other island. There were only a few glimmers. In comparison to the other island, I was terrible. The boat didn’t have a mask, which was another reason I wanted to take the excursion. After approximately 30 seconds in the water, I looked up to see the boat, which was already about 10 feet away. The ocean current was quickly taking the boat away from me!

“Fuck this!” exclaims the speaker. I swam frantically for the boat. If we were too far apart, I wasn’t sure the fisherman could find me with his tiny spotlight. As I swam towards the boat, it seemed to go further and further away. Finally, I was able to catch up to it. I fought and scrambled my way onto the boat, pointing to the beach. This was arguably one of the most foolish decisions I’d made on the trip.

When I returned to land, I was furious about the “plankton tour,” but I was furious at myself rather than at the guy selling the trips. I believe there are true plankton cruises that take place in gloomy coves with land nearby. They are more expensive, but they are most likely worth it.

That night, while corny pop music blared through the walls, I struggled to sleep. I went to the pier in the morning to wait for the ferry back to the mainland.

Koh Rong is a really cool island, in my opinion. If you’re searching for a spot to party, this is the place to go. There seems to be some good places to stay and cool things to do if you’re willing to pay a little extra money. I was being really frugal with my money, and it showed in my experience on the island.

Fortunately, my following stop was fantastic! I had eight days to kill before flying to Vietnam, and I found a fantastic way to pass the time. Kep was just what I was looking for. The subject of my next post will be Kep and the surrounding area.

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