Travel- to the very much amazing Dong Hoi, Vietnam city


Dong Hoi is a lively coastal city. It has a robust tourism infrastructure and is an excellent starting point for exploring Phong Nha Cave National Park. Because of the kind residents, I had a good experience in this town.

I left Khe Sanh before 7:00 a.m. to begin my journey. The drive was longer than normal since I wanted to get some kilometers under my belt before the sun came out and it became unbearably hot.

It was exciting to be on the road at morning. I usually began a few hours after the sun had appeared.

Riding on the Ho Chi Minh Trail was fantastic. It was a teeny-tiny dirt road that wound its way through the jungle. It reminded me more of a ride through a huge park than anything else.

As I rounded a bend, I noticed a horse standing in the middle of the road. Horses do exist in Vietnam, but they aren’t extremely prevalent. While riding, I believe this was the only horse I saw.

The scenery was breathtaking! I began to bike through more and more jagged tiny mountains, which were amazing to ride through.

I still hadn’t had enough of driving through the jungle. It’s a good thing, too, because I had a lot of jungle to navigate. It still piqued my interest.

The jungle seemed to stretch on forever.

The roads were in terrific shape, and I felt like I had them all to myself for the majority of the day.

There’s a feeling I’d get that’s like a big chunk of excitement combined with a smidgeon of fear. Being alone in the woods, a small voice in the back of my head would always say, “If something goes wrong, you’re screwed!” The stronger voice, on the other hand, was always shouting “This is insanely badass! What a blessing it is to be able to do this!”

I’d drive for miles and miles without seeing another soul. It was a little frightening to think about a breakdown or an accident. However, for the most part, you simply keep your palm on the throttle and keep moving forward. The thrill of discovering what’s around the next bend overcomes any apprehension or worry.

Every now and then, a small house like this would appear. I’ve always wondered if the people who live here own the land or if they simply constructed a house on it because it was vacant.

There were also some amazing farms tucked at the foot of some quite stunning mountains.

These homes out in the middle of nowhere, next to stunning mountains, always piqued my interest.

It was a fantastic road to be on. The vista appeared to get better and better with each turn.

As I drew closer to Dong Hoi, I noticed some extremely cool billboards.

When I arrived in Dong Hoi, there was some construction and traffic, but I soon located a motel. The accommodation was pleasant, and the receptionists were really pleasant.

This is a photo taken at the hotel.

I went to a Honda dealership in town to get my oil changed. One of the women who worked there was a hoot. The lady was crushing everyone’s balls as everyone else was making jokes. Because I’m a little chubby, they kept claiming I looked pregnant. I declined the lady’s invitation to eat at her family’s home. I should have answered yes, but the ride had exhausted me.

The city was a lot of fun. I passed through an area where there was a market. A large number of customers received their purchases.

A plethora of bright boats were moored in the water.

I didn’t go across the river to see what was on the other side of town.

I left my bike at the hotel and went on foot in search of food and drinks.

This church wasn’t doing as well as the others. It’s leftover French knickknacks. Ruins that seem really awesome.

I went for a short walk after getting my food. It’s a lovely tiny town on a lovely river.

One of the receptionists screamed out to me when I returned to the hotel “Hello there! I’ve been missing you!” I’m not sure if they say that to all of the guests, but it struck me as sweet and amusing. The rest of the evening was spent reading and drinking beer. I went back on the road the next day and continued north.

This concludes the ride for the day. I hope you’ll be able to join me for the next installment!

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