Travel to the very much wonderful Bodrum City in Turkey


Bodrum is a pleasant tourist town on Turkey’s coast. It was our first stop on a cross-country road trip. My brother @doctorcrypto had met me in Greece, and the two of us had taken an overnight ferry to Turkey. Because we were short on time, we only stayed in Bodrum for one night. My brother was leaving Istanbul in about seven days, and we had a lot of ground to cover.

I don’t have many images of the stops we took on this trip when I look through my photos. I believe I’ll have to ask @doctorcrypto if I can use any of his photographs in future blogs. I only have 25 images of Bodrum, half of which appear to have been taken from a rooftop above.

I believe my problem is that when I travel with other people, I don’t snap as many shots. One part of me doesn’t want to stifle the other’s progress. When left to my own devices, I will take a photo every 30 seconds. Another factor is that I no longer feel compelled to photograph everything in order to share it. I’ve already shared it with others. Anyway, there will be fewer photos in this post than usual.

It was a bumpy voyage from Santorini to Bodrum on the ship. The ferry left late at night and traveled all night. In flights, trains, buses, or autos, I’ve never been able to sleep. I also discovered that I am unable to sleep on boats.

On the Greek island of Kos, we had to change boats as the sun rose. After finding a store to buy some munchies, my brother and I had to figure out how to get on a ferry to Turkey.

There was a problem with the boats to Turkey, so my brother and I had to feign our way onto the second boat.

The travel from Kos to Bodrum was quick, and we were in Asia for the first time in our lives before we realized it. On my trip, I would visit 5 of the 7 continents, and it was wonderful to cross one of them off my list.

It took a time to get through Customs and Immigration in Bodrum, but it was rather straightforward. We had our visas, and they had stamped our passports, allowing us to travel to a new country and continent.

The first order of business was to find a hotel. I’m not sure if I reserved a room ahead of time or not. In Spain, I had learned the hard way not to reserve lodgings without knowing where I would be going. I had reserved a room, but because the buses were not running, I was charged for a room that I never used. I’m not sure if we had made a reservation or discovered a room when we arrived. I recall going through a market near the port and felt as though I were in another world.

We went through the scorching city till we found a room. We took some photos from the hotel’s roof after getting washed up and dropping off our gear. This is the location I’ve put on my map, however there are three hotels nearby. Which one was ours, I’m not sure.

We could see the harbor and a large fortress from the roof of our hotel. It was a stunning vista.

@doctorcrypto and I took a trip down to the water’s edge to look for automobile rental options. We discovered one and made a reservation for the next morning. Renting a car for seven days and returning it in Istanbul would be costly, but it wasn’t out of our price range.

Touts surrounded us around the shoreline, attempting to entice us to various restaurants. We attempted to be courteous at first, but they were really aggressive and would not accept no for an answer. As we attempted to walk, they continued to shove menus in our faces. We discovered that the easiest way to cope with them was to entirely ignore them and never look them in the eyes. We went to the one restaurant that didn’t have a tout in front of it out of spite.

We went back to our room and fell asleep. We got in our car and headed the road first thing in the morning. We didn’t have any other plans except to go to Istanbul in seven days. We’d heard about a few destinations from tourist websites, but we weren’t sure if we’d get to see them.

Keep an eye out for the next post, in which @doctorcrypto and I take a road trip through Turkey!

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