Travel to the very nice place Tad Yuang Waterfall, Laos


With this and the Paksong post, I made a blunder. I had no idea I had spent two nights in Paksong. I have photographs of the Tad Yuang Waterfall.

I went to some of the waterfalls near Paksong on this day of my riding. After that, I went back to my hotel for the night. After that, I returned to Pakse and have a story to tell about my experiences there. These are the last images I took in Laos on this trip.

Tad Yuang Waterfall is located a few kilometers from Paksong. The park’s entry is particularly lovely, with lots of lovely landscaping and traditional-looking structures.

When walking to the waterfall, you will reach the top of the falls and must descend to witness the actual waterfall.

There are a number of falls, but these were particularly remarkable.

Below the falls, there is a lake where you can swim. I didn’t bring my swimwear, but it looked cool.

The falls have created a tourism destination. It appeared to be a fun spot to visit. It reminded me of a summer camp because of the layout of the structures. There are cabins available for rent if you want to spend the night at the falls.

It appeared to be a fun spot to visit.

There were numerous benches and picnic places along the river’s side.

It was a vast and lush jungle. It reminded me of a Jurassic Park moment.

Tad Yuang Waterfall was enjoyable in general. I believe it would be an excellent location for a night’s stay. Visitors appeared to have access to restaurants and other services.

I went out to find a restaurant for dinner when I returned to Paksong. This pond has a shuttered restaurant on the lake, which I discovered. It was a cool, empty spot to photograph and explore.

I located a restaurant nearby where I could have dinner. I began with a glass of beer. Pink toilet paper was utilized for napkins at this establishment.

When my chicken arrived, I made some new pals right away. Two dogs arrived and sat at my table with me. They didn’t beg or try to persuade me to pay attention to them. They just sat there waiting for scraps, patiently.

I definitely gave these lovely boys some scraps.

Before returning to my hotel after supper, I shot a couple more photos.

One of my favorite photographs from Laos is this one. It’s also one of the last images I took in Laos. I returned to Pakse after another night in Paksong.

I went to Pakse to return my scooter and retrieve my backpack, but the only person who had a key to the room where backpacks were kept had left. They said the key holder was away for the weekend! It instructed them to contact a locksmith, but all they did was laugh at me. They demanded their bike back, but I explained that I needed it to pick up my suitcase and transport it to my hotel. They didn’t like it, but I didn’t want to be stranded in this city, so it seemed like a reasonable exchange to me.

The next day, I returned to find the man was vanished. It irritated me a great deal. Pakse wasn’t horrible for passing the time, but I didn’t enjoy being compelled to stay there. The individual who had the key to the bag room eventually returned, and I was able to retrieve my belongings. They attempted to charge me for the additional days I had the bike, but I simply refused to pay. If they hadn’t messed up, they would have received their bike on time.

The next day, I purchased a bus ticket to Cambodia. They claimed someone will come by my hotel and pick me up at the bus station. The next morning, I passed the time in the hotel lobby. I walked down to where I bought the bus ticket after an hour or so and was told that they had forgotten about me and that I would have to ride the bus the next day. LOL. I told them not to pick me up because I would be waiting for the bus in the morning.

In total, I stayed an extra 3-4 days in Pakse. As I already stated, it’s not a bad way to pass the time. There are a few restaurants that serve western cuisine, and the local eateries were excellent. My motel was both inexpensive and convenient. I was also able to wash my things for a reasonable price.

The next day, I boarded a bus bound towards the Mexican border! I hope you’ll be able to join me tomorrow as I embark on a fascinating tour of Cambodia. My time in Cambodia was fantastic. Laos wasn’t awful, but Cambodia was nearly a 50-fold improvement. Cambodia has better people, food, attractions, accommodations, and just much everything else.

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