Travel- Vienna, Austria a very wonderful place for stay


Vienna, Austria, appears to be the result of a bunch of Bitcoin billionaires banding together to form a city. According to one millionaire, “I enjoy sculptures. Get me a hundred thousand of these! “.. “I adore elegant walls,” adds the next billionaire, “so make every wall extra ornate!” “I like parks,” says another millionaire, “so we’ll have 50 of them!” “Palaces are fantastic, let’s make ten!” says another millionaire. “Churches? Just in case, we should probably get 20.”

Vienna appears to be a city built by wealthy individuals who were obliged to spend their money for tax purposes. It’s as if a city was built using a variant of Brewster’s Millions.

I had not planned on visiting Vienna. I’d heard of it, but it was never on my list of places to visit. It’s almost a crime that I didn’t realize how magnificent and lavish this city is. I’d been updating my Facebook page about my vacation and was on my way to Budapest, but I still had a few days to kill. A Facebook friend suggested that I stop in Vienna. I’m so glad I took the chance. Vienna was one of the few cities that astonished me as much as it did.

I arrived in Vienna by rail from Bratislava and booked a stay at the Time Out City Hotel Vienna. Although the room was far from “deluxe,” the price and location were excellent.

I went exploring after dropping off my stuff. It was golden hour, and the sky was really stunning!

I couldn’t believe the size of the structures, which were adorned with intricate details and flourishes. Sculpture after sculpture was added to the top. I felt like I could have spent a month getting lost in the intricate features of the many structures.

I walked about well after dusk, taking dozens of photographs. Regrettably, all of the photographs appear to be garbage. My phone simply didn’t have what it took to snap a good night photo.

I went back to my room and fell asleep. I got up early the next day to put my camera through its paces. The city of Vienna is where memory cards go to die. Make sure you have enough of storage space for all of the images you’ll capture if you’re planning a trip here.

I normally travel cities in a haphazard manner. I’ll occasionally have a list of places I’d like to visit. But most of the time, I just go out and meander. I frequently use my phone to look for a restaurant that I wish to visit, then walk towards it.

On this particular day, I went for a walk with no particular objective in mind. I saw a beautiful church in the distance and decided to visit it.

In this city, it was difficult to make any headway toward getting somewhere. Even the most basic objects, such as doors, would beg to be photographed.

Unfortunately, this will not be a very informative post. The scale and beauty of Vienna rendered me speechless. I’m not sure what the photo above is, but it looks like it could be the entrance to a bakery or something.

The statues in Vienna made me think of some strange things. Almost everyone in Vienna appears to have had a statue built of them. So did that imply that there were excellent and bad statues to create? What if you got into some sort of difficulty and ended up as a stair statue without a body? Would someone beg to be a roof statue only to wind up on a door or a bathroom?

Vienna, I assume, was like an Oprah vehicle giveaway. Everyone will receive a statue!

The ducks are being fed by a girl! You’re going to acquire a statue!

Dudes who aren’t wearing any pants! You’re going to acquire a statue!

There’s a guy with a shield! You’re going to acquire a statue!

Okay, I’m done with my statue tangent. It’s time to go exploring again. The atmosphere in Vienna was similar to that of Disneyland, but without the rides. Everything has a fantastical element to it. It is, however, a genuine city with people who live, work, and conduct business.

I returned to my room for a hotel drink after a few hours of exploring. I cleaned up and rested for a while. After that, I went out to eat.

I went to a market in a nearby neighborhood. Although most of the market stalls were closed, it was an area I hadn’t seen before, so I snapped a few photographs.

Everything appeared to be bright and elegant. It’s difficult not to be smitten by this metropolis. Something fantastic and gorgeous captures your sight every which way you turn.

I discovered a little eatery and had dinner after the sun had fallen. The walking tour of Vienna made me wish I had more time in the city. I felt like I’d only scratched the surface of Vienna’s attractions.

I checked out of my hotel the next day and took a train to Budapest. My stay in Vienna was brief, but it made an indelible effect. This city’s size and beauty cannot be overstated.

I hope you had a good time on my tour. It’s difficult to predict how my attempts at humor will translate to the screen. Hopefully, some of the photographs have piqued your interest, and you will join me in Budapest tomorrow.

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