Traveling around beautiful Paris city on a Sunday morning


After breakfast, leave your lodging and hit the road. I visited the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, which was close to the accommodation. After all, Europe is littered with cathedrals. The grandeur and mystical aura as soon as you come inside astound you. I believe I will have faith that I previously lacked. This, I believe, is the power of religion, and I believe that excessive magnificence and display of power have created religion’s degeneration. I consider what function religion should play in today’s society. The consequences of all religions pursuing exclusively their own faith will be evident. The decline of medieval Catholicism had a material and power backdrop.

People’s lives do not improve; in fact, they deteriorate, yet religion serves solely to stuff their appetites. Reality and the world as it is. Religion must be reborn in a world where ups and downs are the prevalent religion. Although the Bible says it is difficult for the wealthy to enter heaven, the absurdity of coming to church and asking to God to make you wealthy is comparable to Buddhism. The Buddha, who gave up his throne and lived a life free of possessions, is reported to have died laughing and sighing at his students who told him to resurrect before he died.

He emphasized that achievement in this life rather than the world after death, but he must have regretted what he taught when his pupils talked about paradise.

Other than visiting tourist attractions, traveling provides a wealth of ideas. It’s also my preferred mode of transportation. If you’re bored after encountering a variety of misconceptions, you’ll take a walk and reconsider your position. If you go on vacation, we urge that you don’t just go around taking pictures like you do today. Only pictures, it is said, survive, but only photographs remain. In the cathedral, I sat in a chair for quite some time. While pondering the notion of mischief.

I can’t tell if it’s pollution or flies as I emerge, but I can see flies. The slope is eagerly ascended. I’m busy photographing them and moving their breath. So I quietly exited and went for a walk. The Saturday market may be seen after a short stroll. The sound of merchants shouting how much each one is worth and the appearance of bartering consumers are the same everywhere. France is a little more boisterous. We arrived at Perla Shez Park Cemetery after a short walk. Why is there a cemetery in a park? The location for today.

It is a location where many individuals have been laid to rest, but nothing lasts forever. People remember a person’s death because it endures and becomes history. They don’t vanish just because they’ve vanished. Each person comes to visit different cemeteries, each with a different story to tell. As a result, the cemetery has become a popular tourist attraction. I also came to observe the cemetery of the Paris Commune soldiers who risked their lives to bring about social change.

The cemetery serves as both a resting place for the deceased and a park for the living for Parisians. That is why individuals use the graveyard as a meeting location when they have something to confess or need to make an appointment.” -Bok, Sue

The community cemetery in Paris is often reminiscent of a flower. In addition to the Paris commune, there are those who perished in historical events such as the Spanish Civil War and World War II. If we, as present-day dwellers, forget, neither the past nor the future will exist. As EH Carr put it in a discussion with the past, “history is the power that binds the present and enables us to inhabit the future.”

I recall an Esperantist’s story from the day before. Is it legal for Korean ladies to smoke on the street? Since 1970, they are thought to have begun to change. Despite the fact that the 68 Revolution failed politically, it was a success in terms of social development. Human rights have begun to be recognized, education has changed, and there has been more reflection on fascism in the past, persistent blaming for sin, and ongoing debate about the past. This, I believe, is the context for Europe’s progress in rationality and human rights. Please don’t tell me I’ve forgotten. You must discuss and ponder precisely on what to remember and what to do, in addition to simply remembering.

As a result, this is a more interesting and relevant location for me. I also appreciated the journey to get here. While watching TV at the lunch restaurant as Pax America, the restaurant owner denounced the US for striking Syria. Everyday life is political and inextricably linked to the past. The Bacalorean essay philosophy test is well-known (French secondary school graduation test). Following the test, a number of academics appear on television and in the press to explain their perspectives. The French people will then be debated once more. Do Koreans have a good understanding of the exam questions? It’s tough to recognize that the issue is contentious simply a few times, but it’s an enviable France compa

I didn’t have anything planned for Sunday in Paris, but a lovely Korean woman I met in Myanmar phoned me out of the blue. I’m a young buddy studying for a PhD in Paris, and I paid my own way through undergraduate and graduate school because I wanted to return to school after working. I met at the Myanmar airport and drove to Bagan in a cab. I was told I came on a trip before leaving for Paris, but I am here to study. It was a wonderful experience. In the restaurant, we talked about French schooling over nibbles and drinks. Locals have expressed their displeasure with the aforementioned Bacalorea.

The majority of pupils claim to memorize it, but I believe it will be far superior to the Korean test, in which finding the correct answer is the sole option. He stated he packed a glass of wine and proceeded to the Seine to buy wine, cheese, and nibbles at the store after a quick supper at a restaurant. Many individuals are gathered and conversing. Eating is also extremely simple, despite the fact that many people do not do so. This is how everyone is going to play. A glass of wine that is suitable for a pleasant chat, and he expressed his delight at being able to converse in Korean after such a long time. It’s a day that lifts my spirits as well.

The history of failed but not failed revolutions—the Paris commune, the 68th Revolution, and so on—became the basis for today. Rather of telling them to ignore it, many individuals come to remember it.

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