Travelling to the Paksong Laos- city of Bolaven Plateau


Paksong is a town in the Bolaven Plateau with a few great resorts to stay at. A number of natural attractions, including as rivers and waterfalls, are adjacent to the town. The plateau is exceptionally fertile, and many crops, particularly coffee, are grown there.

My journey from Attapeu to Paksong began with a lengthy section of backtracking. The road was in decent shape, and traffic was low, so I was able to get to the turn-off fast.

From below, the plateau appears to be quite formidable. I was concerned that my scooter would struggle to keep up with the ascent. Fortunately, the ascent wasn’t too difficult, and my scooter handled it admirably.

I would frequently see dead animals set out or strung out for sale as I passed by residences. I had to turn around and photograph the porcupine because it was the first one I had seen. There were also some hung-up dead hens at this house. There were no persons in the area. Buyers, in my opinion, simply holler until someone comes out to haggle over a price.

The roads were passable as you approached the plateau, but you had to keep an eye out for livestock.

This day’s photo folder contains a number of photos of these trees. I wasn’t sure what I was trying to capture at first.

Then I came upon this photograph of a person for scale. I believe the height of the trees impressed me. The photographs aren’t as spectacular now that I live in an area with tall trees.

I stopped by a waterfall on the route to Paksong. I didn’t approach very close since I didn’t want to leave my belongings unsecured and because I was tired.

I came across this bridge further down the road. It looks like it was formerly a railroad track. My hypothesis is that it was covered in dirt so that livestock could utilize it.

It was quite interesting to see this ivy-covered tree with flowers. Although the photo did not turn out well, it was interesting to view.

On the plateau, I began to notice more houses and crops.

When I drove by, school was about to end. “Sabaidee!” (hello!) was always yelled at me by the kids.

Everywhere you look, children appear to be happy to meet visitors. The kids in Vietnam were constantly eager to try their English and call it out “Hello there! What’s your name, by the way? “..

I eventually arrived in Paksong. I booked a room in a pretty cool and spacious resort-looking facility. If my memory serves me correctly, I was the only one there.

The grounds were lovely, and there were some pretty remarkable plants on display.

I discovered these enormous black ants in my room. Although the image appears to be of a headboard, I’m very certain that the ants were not present in the bedroom. If I had slept with these ants, I would have remembered it.

I was more curious than irritated (as I would have been if they were in the bed). The ants were bringing larva with them. I’m curious if the larva belonged to this ant colony and they were on their way to a new home. Or perhaps the larva belonged to enemies, and these ants were scavenging for food to take back to their nest?

I went to bed after obtaining a supper and some beer. Paksong is a place from which I have little recollections. I’m not sure if that indicates the town was dull or that I drank excessively that night.

I’m exhausted from work today, and I’m having trouble coming up with stuff to say, so I’ll just conclude my post here.

I’ll be continuing my exploration of the Bolaven Plateau tomorrow, and I hope you’ll join me!

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