Trogir Croatia a very beautiful city on a little island


Trogir is a historic city that has been inhabited for more than 2300 years. The 26th destination on my great tour of cities throughout the world was this fortified city on a little island.

Another site I had never heard of till I arrived here is this lovely historic city. It’s just another illustration of the advantages of joining a tour group rather than going it alone, as I did for the majority of my trip.

After a day of whitewater rafting, my father and I landed here with our adventure tour group. The temperature was ideal for July, and the heavens were beautiful. After recovering from my illness caused by the onions I ate in Mostar, I was looking forward to supper and visiting Trogir.

This photo has a beautiful sky. I’m not sure what the structure is, but it appears to be quite interesting. The overflowing dumpster in the front is something I don’t like. I tried clipping it out, but it takes away the greatest part of the sky in the process. I’m sure a photoshop wizard could clone it out, but I don’t have Photoshop.

Trogir has a historic stronghold dating from the 15th century.

I’m not sure it’s even legal to write a blog article on Croatia without include at least one photograph of a boat. So, for this post, I’ve included a photo of my boat.

Some of Trogir’s old buildings and streets aren’t particularly attractive, but there’s something about their age and history that draws me in.

Trogir features a historic cathedral that was fascinating to visit. There were some odd works of art within that caught my interest.

At first glance, this crucifix appears to be quite ordinary, but closer inspection reveals that it is adorned with a scull and crossbones. It reminds me of a pirate crucifix.

Amazing, detailed designs were carved into several of the walls and entrances. I’m a sucker for super-detailed decorations like this. I believe it stems from my childhood reading of “Where’s Waldo” novels. It’s as if one piece of art is telling a hundred separate stories at once.

We had gone rafting earlier in the day. It was the only time we did something with other people. I couldn’t risk damaging my phone, so I left it in the van. And I didn’t use my gopro to capture many photographs. Here are a few screen captures from the videos I shot.

We slept in a wonderful tiny hotel in Trogir and had a pleasant evening touring the city. We slept and prepared to continue on to our next location.

The following day, we planned to go rafting again, but this time in small rafts with only our party. Stay tuned for a post on that adventure tomorrow!

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