Visiting to the very lovely city named- Da Lat, Vietnam


Da Lat is a lovely city amid southern Vietnam’s mountains. For both Westerners and Vietnamese, it is a popular tourist attraction. The city has a cold climate due to its greater elevation. On my cross-country road journey, I stayed here for one night.

Around 9:00 a.m., I began my journey from Mui Ne. I took a detour along the coast before heading interior towards the mountains.

This is the first image of the day for me. I was getting the hang of photographing while biking. I’m not sure what I was photographing; I suppose I was just enjoying the small towns and villages I was passing through.

This photo’s quality isn’t great, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s a good representation of Vietnam in my opinion. Although oxen-drawn carts aren’t widespread in Vietnam, I find the country to be an intriguing mix of the very modern and the very ancient. In my perspective, this shot of modern buildings, a road, and a billboard depicting a farmer driving an ancient-looking cart represents Vietnam.

For a time, the road remained flat, but I could see mountains on the horizon and hoped my scooter could climb them.

Animals are one of the most dangerous hazards on Vietnam’s highways. Many of the roads are deserted, and you get the impression that you can go fast on them. A clump of manure, on the other hand, or a startled chicken, can easily cause a collision. On the highways in Vietnam, you must always be vigilant.

I eventually began climbing into the mountains.

On the journey up to Da Lat, the roads were quite curvy.

This red tree stood at the summit of the mountain. I noticed it since it was the only one of its kind.

For the first time, I came across a tea farm on the other side of the mountains. At the very least, I believe it was tea.

The plants were in full bloom, and the air smelled divine. It’s the first time I’ve ever smelled anything like it. It was fantastic.

I kept going through a lot of mountainous terrain. There wasn’t much steep climbing going on, but there were plenty of ups and downs. The roads were peaceful, and I had a great time biking.

The farmlands were lovely and appeared to be well-kept.

I took numerous breaks to drink water and stretch my legs. Also, for photographs. I kept my days short to avoid feeling rushed and to be able to stop whenever I wanted.

Although there appeared to be some rice paddies here, rice did not appear to be a prominent crop thus far south.

I stopped in a tiny village for lunch.

I only had drinks for lunch. Early on, I realized that I didn’t want my stomach to bother me and cause me to go on an emergency toilet hunt. During the day, I mostly only drank liquids. I wasn’t going to eat anything till I had a motel room. I would eat potato chips or a tiny snack if I became hungry.

This happened in front of a restaurant, I believe. Maybe it was a different kind of structure.

Some of the roads were brand new and in excellent condition. Riding on these types of roads was a blast.

I had forgotten about the elephants I had seen in Vietnam. The majority of the animals I saw were water buffalo, although there were a few elephants as well.

I eventually arrived at Da Lat. It was the simplest thing in the world to find a motel in this town. As soon as I arrived in town, a lady drew up alongside me and we rode down the street together. “Hotel room $5!” she said, before handing me a business card. “Where?” I asked as I took the card. She motioned for me to follow her, and she drove me to the motel.

The room wasn’t wonderful, but I couldn’t complain for the price. I had unquestionably paid more for the worse. I was pleased with the result. And I was relieved that I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to stay.

I went on a ride after dropping off my belongings. Riding without my backpack on my bike was like night and day. I loved being able to ride around town without being bothered.

I’m not sure what some of the buildings in Da Lat are. They appear to be from the Olympics or a World’s Fair.

The lake is quite large, and it is surrounded by some lovely parks.

Da Lat appeared to be an interesting area to spend a few days in.

There appeared to be a bike race going on, but I believe it was just a large bunch of cyclists.

I returned to the hotel and put my scooter in the parking lot for the night. Then I went for a walk to get something to eat. Da Lat offered a variety of tasty dishes.

I went for a short walk after eating and then returned to the hotel to sleep.

I had a terrific time in Da Lat and think it would be a fantastic spot to visit. If you do decide to go, you should read @trangbaby’s blog article about it. There appears to be a lot about this city that I missed.

The following day, I packed my bike and headed north. I look forward to seeing you in the next post!

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