Vologda | Capturing the last rays of the sun in Sloboda


To keep up with the last rays of the sun, you must behave wisely, that is, you must have a mental map and know exactly where you are going.

This view opens from a location in Vologda known as Sloboda.

Sloboda must be driven straight to the end of the main street. When you first enter the area, you will see a vista of the Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery.

You can shoot immediately with a telephoto lens, or you can walk across the field and come a little closer.

The first time I visited here was during an attempt to capture a comet on a summer night.

It’s occasionally fun to do the opposite and go somewhere at night first, then during the day. You may see where I walked in detail virtually by touch and be astonished by a lot.

This time during daylight hours I was able to walk to the Vologda River. Of course, there is no way out to the coast itself – impassable thickets of bushes serve as an obstacle.

As it turned out, then at night I almost reached the shore, but it seemed to me that it was still far from the water.

This is a good view, which can be reached quickly and easily.

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