Walk Around a Wonderful Fallen Tree at Baltic sea shore


Even for such a small country as Estonia, our town is quite small. It might be described as a typical town with Soviet-era architecture. Although there are no truly historic structures or sites, the natural beauty of Sillamäe entices visitors to return again and again.

My Finnish friend is visiting me this week, and we walk a lot every day.

The town is situated in such a way that it is simple and quick to access the Baltic Sea shore. It takes 7 to 10 minutes from my house, which is ideal for short and long hikes as well as swimming when the weather is hot, as it is this summer.

Then we took a trip along the beach and came upon this lovely fallen tree.

My acquaintance is an ex-colleague; she used to live and work in our town, so it’s not surprising that she runs into individuals she recognizes. She had a long conversation with a couple of people she met on the beach this time, so I had time to shoot “portraits” of that magnificent tree from all angles and distances. Look at it; it’s a lovely framing for the coastline and countryside.

On that tree, I also discovered some “creatures.” Are you able to see them as well?

I tried to catch “an eye pupil” (a black stone on the beach) within the hole for this “head” of “a fish” or “a crocodile.”

When my friend arrived, I shot a photo of her in this “tree frame” as well.

Before returning home, we took another walk along the coastline.

There are more gorgeous locations in the vicinity, which I will write about in future postings, but this time our walk revolved almost entirely around that wonderful fallen tree on the seashore.

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